Sex and Your Future

What are your goals? How will having sex now affect them? Explore the answers to these questions as you evaluate how sex affects you physically and mentally; and how it impacts your future!

Sex and the Media

We all consume more media in a day then we realize. It’s time we took a look at how it affects our perception of self-worth, sex, body image, identity, and relationships; and how renewing our minds can help us combat negative messages.

Healthy Dating and Relationships

Do you know a red flag when you see one? Learn to recognize signs of abuse, love vs. infatuation, and healthy vs. unhealthy communication; plus, how to build a healthy relationship.

Sex and Your Health

We discuss sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. We use medically accurate information to educate students on the effects, treatment, and prevention of STIs/STDs.


It’s time to check yourself: who are you? What are your goals and beliefs? This presentation encourages emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. This will enlighten students on the importance of self-advocacy and confidence.